Mitigating Risks

In today’s world of identity theft, fraudulent credentials and negligent hiring lawsuits, background screening has grown from an extravagance to an absolute necessity for most businesses and small employers. Trusting your company’s or your family’s property and information to someone without first verifying their history and credentials is a dangerous proposition.

  • 49% of all applicants report incorrect or false employment, education or credential information
  • 35% of all business failures (36,000 companies per year) are the result of employee-related theft or fraud

Don’t unknowingly expose yourself or your company to unnecessary risks that carry high costs. The price of a background check is small compared to the costs of a bad hire resulting in:

  • Theft or property damage
  • Potential physical danger to fellow employees or customers
  • Negligent hiring lawsuits that could result in you or your company being held financially responsible for an employee’s malfeasance
  • Added costs of employee turnover

The single most reliable predictor of criminal behavior is the fact of prior criminal history.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

At SecuriCheck our researchers have access to hundreds of government and private records services in all fifty states and some foreign countries.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap, supposed “National Criminal Checks” advertised on the web. These types of checks rely on third party databases that are incomplete, outdated and often incorrect. A bad hire will end up costing you more than you would ever save with these types of bargain basement checks. At SecuriCheck our researchers go directly to courthouses to obtain accurate and current information. We use a nationwide network of court records retrievers coupled with access to public and private databases that are updated constantly.

To best meet your information needs, we have several recommended packages of checks, each fitting the position for which the subject of the check is being considered. We also offer customized reports satisfying any client’s individual needs. Our goal is to offer thorough, detailed and accurate reports to all of our clients within their time frame and price range.